Octave Vision

Wallboard Solution for Amazon Connect

Octave Vision empowers Contact Centre stakeholders to get a broad view of their contact centre performance. It shows both real-time and historical stats which include current calls, available agents, weekly call trends, calls per queue, and the overall SLA of the contact center. With Octave Vision, Contact Center stakeholders can have a single-eye view of Contact Center performance. Some of the out-of-box features are;

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Shows total number of calls in a particular queue as well as the weekly trend of received, answered and abandoned calls.


Top Bar and agents stats gadget shows the total number of available agents as well as their total talk time, average hold time and total number of contacts handled.


Queue stats shows queue wise calls as well as the queue which contains the longest call and the queue with minimum SLA. This could help the administrators to better adjust resources in such queues..


The famous Service Level Agreement (SLA) gauge meter shows the current SLA of the contact center. This requires the one time threshold time configuration and calculate SLA. .

Key Features

Octave Vision integrates with real-time, historical & third-party data sources to produce a single view across all channels. This helps the stakeholders to view the 360-degree view of the Contact Center.

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