Case Study: Integration of Amazon Connect with MS Dynamics for Enhanced Customer Service


Client Overview

Client: Global Consumer Corporation
Industry: Customer Service and Support
Previous CRM: Salesforce
Current CRM: Microsoft Dynamics
Contact Center Solution: Amazon Connect
Integration Partner: Octavebytes
Product Used: MSCRM CTI Connector with CIF2.0, available on AWS Marketplace 


One of our client, a leader in consumer electronic products, initially used Salesforce CRM integrated with Amazon Connect for their contact center operations. Despite the robust features offered by Salesforce, decided to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics (MS Dynamics) for better alignment with their evolving business needs and integrations.


The migration to MS Dynamics posed a significant challenge. They needed to ensure seamless integration between their new CRM system and Amazon Connect to maintain high standards of customer service and agent productivity. Key challenges included:

  • Seamless Data Migration: Ensuring all relevant customer data was accurately migrated from Salesforce to MS Dynamics without any loss or inconsistency.
  • Integration with Amazon Connect: Establishing a robust connection between MS Dynamics and Amazon Connect to continue leveraging the advanced telephony features.
  • Minimizing Downtime: Ensuring the migration and integration process did not disrupt ongoing customer service operations.
  • Enhancing Agent Productivity: Ensuring that the new system improved or at least maintained the existing level of agent efficiency and productivity.


Customer partnered with Octavebytes to address these challenges. Octavebytes offered their MSCRM CTI Connector, specifically designed to integrate Amazon Connect with Microsoft Dynamics. A Proof of Concept (POC) was initiated to validate the integration’s effectiveness before full-scale deployment.

Steps Taken:

POC Implementation: Octavebytes deployed the MSCRM CTI Connector to demonstrate the integration capabilities. This phase included:

  •  Setting up Amazon Connect integration within the MS Dynamics environment.
  • Configuring the CTI Connector to facilitate seamless communication between the CRM and contact center solution.
  •  Testing the system with to gauge performance and reliability.

Evaluation and Feedback: Client’s Tech team evaluated the POC results, focusing on:

  • System stability and reliability.
  • Ease of use for agents.
  • Data accuracy and synchronization.
  • Impact on customer service quality and agent productivity.

Full Deployment: Upon successful evaluation, Customer decided to proceed with the full deployment of the MSCRM CTI Connector across their entire contact center operations. This involved:

  • Comprehensive training for agents and supervisors.
  • Gradual rollout to ensure smooth transition and troubleshooting.
  • Continuous monitoring and support from Octavebytes to address any issues promptly.


The integration of Amazon Connect with MS Dynamics via Octavebytes’ MSCRM CTI Connector led to significant improvements in operations:

Enhanced Customer Service:

  • Improved call handling and routing efficiency.
  • Faster access to customer information, leading to quicker issue resolution.
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to more personalized and informed interactions.

Increased Agent Productivity:

  • Streamlined workflows with integrated telephony and CRM functions.
  • Reduced manual data entry and minimized errors.
  • Intuitive interface, allowing agents to focus more on customer interactions rather than system navigation.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Seamless data flow between MS Dynamics and Amazon Connect, ensuring real-time updates and accurate reporting.
  • Enhanced analytical capabilities with integrated data, enabling better decision-making and strategy formulation.


The successful integration of Amazon Connect with Microsoft Dynamics using the MSCRM CTI Connector from Octavebytes transformed customer service operations. The collaboration ensured a smooth transition with minimized operational disruption, and significantly enhanced both customer and agent experiences. This case demonstrates the critical role of strategic integration and technology partnerships in driving business success and operational excellence.

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