Octave Agent Desktop

Octave Agent Desktop is an Omnichannel agent dashboard application designed for Call Center Agents. It is a feature rich application which helps your agent to handle voice and chat interactions in parallel. Its out of box dashboard provides a quick insight on performance and current Contact Center Matrixes.

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Empower your agent with Voice, Chat and Task handling capabilities.


Take advantage of read-to-use infrastructure to scale up your resources as your business grows.

Customized Dashboard

Built-in Channel and Queue based reporting agent dashboard.

Quick Onboarding

Built on industry standards make it flexible to integrate with your existing CRM application.

Empower your agent with Octave Agent Desktop

Do your agents spend much time logging on different screens? Switching in between screens makes them frustrated? Empower them with OctaveAgentDesktop today. It provides all that your agent needs to complete a task. In addition, it reduces Call Handling Time (CHT) and helps agents meet Contact Center KPIs with ease. 

OctaveAgentDesktop is designed for agents. It is your agent’s next ‘Buddy’.It enables agents to complete their tasks within the minimum time required.

What Octage Agent Desk got out-of-box?

Flexible Pricing

Why Octavebytes?

We are an AWS Partner company focused on Amazon Connect. We are helping businesses to set up their Intelligent Cloud Call Center on Amazon Connect.

We have expertise in developing products on top of Amazon Connect technology stack. We focus on Customer Telephony Integration, Enterprise-level Integration, Customer Experience Enhancement, and Customized Reporting & Dashboards.

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