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Octavebytes is innovating the customer experience. As an AWS Select Tier Services partner, we specialize in the design, delivery & migration of businesses to Amazon Connect, a next-generation cloud call centre. Our expertise is focused on CTI connectors, enterprise-level integration, customer experience, customized reporting, AI Chatbots and Omnichannel. Customer Experience is the core of our product development and solution design strategy. We believe customer interactions should be Easy, Effective, Consistent and Insightful across all channels.

We are passionate about the customer experience. We have the expertise to help you deliver an exceptional customer experience. We specialize in the design and delivery of Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, Cisco Cloud or in-house a cloud-based contact center solution. Our focus is to help businesses improve customer engagement, while maximizing the benefits of the cloud.

We develop products and solutions to enrich customer experience. We are focused on AI & natural language automation, chat-bots, CTI/CRM, IVR integration, user experience design, analytics, WFO, Wallboards & customize reporting.

Our Goal is revolutionize the customer experience by using latest technology trends. We offer services to our valued customers/partners from discovery, design, and implementation of cloud & on-prem call center solutions.

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