Octave HubSpot CTI Connector

Integrate your HubSpot with Amazon Connect

Octave HubSpot CTI Connector is developed for Amazon Connect customers who are looking for seamless integration between Hubspot and Amazon Connect. Amazon Contact Control Panel (CCP) runs inside HubSpot desktop and allows agents to use call control in using an embedded softphone. Agents spend less time on redundant lookups and switching between different tabs and applications to access data from CRM.
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Call Control Management

Provides call controls and management in embedded CCP including the ability to accept, hold, resume, transfer, mute and conference when needed.

Handle Inbound Calls

From the main view of HubSpot, With CCP your agent can answer the incoming call within the Hubspot interface. By embedded CCP agents spend less time on switching between tabs..

Customer Interactions

On a customer call the interactions are automatically created in HubSpot against the customer Profile.

Quick On-boarding

With one time configuration on your Hubspot Administrator account you can enable your sales and marketing people with handling Voice & Chat interactions.

Outbound Call

Click-to-Dial. Agent can make an outbound call by clicking on the call icon from HubSpot Contact.

Search on Call Arrival

On Call arrival, customer’s data automatically popped up to the agent, if two customers profiles are associated with one number then agent has the capability to select the relevant profile.

Call Recording

All calls are recorded by default. The agent can pause or resume call recording while on a call. The agent can listen to recorded calls from that call activity with in hubspot interface.

On Demand Service

We can customize the connector as per customer requirements.

Equip your agent with the right tools

Octave HubSpot CTI Connector empowers your agents with the right tools to increase First Call Resolution (FCR) by reducing Call Handle Time.  By using Octave HubSpot CTI Connector customer’s data is automatically popped-up on the agent screen against ANI ( or any unique field). All your Contact Center Administrator needs is one-time configuration and there you go. On next login your all agents will have embedded Amazon Connect CCP.

What Octave HubSpot CTI Connector got out-of-box?

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